Getting Started

Welcome to Crosslister BETA! Our tool is still in the BETA phase which means there may still be issues to work out for the first few weeks.

Install the extension

Visit the following link and click 'Add to Chrome':

If you already have the extension installed then the button you'll see on the page will say 'Remove from Chrome'.

Pin The Extension

Click the puzzle piece on the upper right of your chrome browser and then click the pin icon next to Crosslister.

Click the extension icon to create an account

Accept the required permissions

After creating an account, click "accept permissions" to get started. We go over our reasons for the permissions requested in the permissions section to the left of this page (Please read it if you are concerned about any of the requested permissions)

Is nothing happening when you accept permissions ? click here

Go to your profile on a supported marketplace

Now, you just have to visit your profile (or active listings page on sites like eBay) on one of the currently supported marketplaces (Like Depop, Poshmark etc.), select items then crosslist. Please read the crosslist section to fully understand what is currently supported.

NOTE: You NEED to be logged in to your account on any marketplace you try to crosslist to/from

Is the widget not showing up for you ? click here

Encountering issues loading the app ?

Click here

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