Our app requires a few permissions to run. There are no crosslisting tools currently available that would be able to function without requesting these permissions from you.

NOTE: Our app never asks for your password on marketplaces. It is able to operate without needing your password.

Read & Change Data on Site EXPLAINED

This is a permission that allows us to interact with a specific webpage from the extension. This is necessary because our app would be unable to copy your listings over to another platform without this access.

Read Browsing History EXPLAINED

This is a permission that allows us to detect when you are on a supported marketplace (depop, vinted etc.) website so that we can run crosslister on the page.

Despite the scary implication of this warning we do not monitor or record visits to any site that is not to a supported marketplace site or our own website.

How can I trust this app ?

Tools by SellerAider have been used by over 2k sellers, we have many users that trust our application and experience no issues.

As a result we have zero incentive to harm you/compromise your account, because this would greatly impact our reputation.

Each version of our app is moderated and reviewed by the google chrome webstore, we have to explain and justify every permission we submit to Google or our update will be rejected.

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