What's New on Crosslister

Current version:
    • Vinted now automatically fills category by default
    • Poshmark now supports filling variants/sizes/quantities on multi item listings
    • Etsy now supports filling variations
    • Etsy transfers size over
    • Fixed several listing bugs
  • NEW: Ebay listing form version is now automatically detected.
  • BUG FIXES: Fixed several listing bugs
  • NEW: Crosslister now lists item variants/variations between most marketplaces
  • NEW: Improved ebay unified listing experience (Supports listing from ebay v2 form)
  • NEW: Improved listing experience on etsy, depop, shopify and more (more information now transferred over)
  • Bug fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Added poshmark AU
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Added support for inventory management and automatic delisting.
  • Fixed etsy and shpock image issues.
  • Fixed etsy widget not showing up
  • Added workaround for vinted CA bug
  • Added workaround for poshmark black listing image issue
  • Added better automatic debugging tools
  • Added listing to Shpock
  • Added debug page with instructions to fix issues here
  • Fixed poshmark bugs
  • Fixed some issues with accepting permissions doing nothing
  • Fixed popup not showing
  • Added fix for black image when listing to poshmark
  • Etsy bug fixes
  • Shopify bug fixes
  • Fixed description format not copying offer to shopify and ebay.
  • Added support for listing to vinted CA.
  • Fixed crosslister clashing with text visibility on poshmark and grailed
  • Added ebay ireland support
  • Added listing to shopify support
  • Added support for listing from unsold and drafts page in ebay
  • User interface update
  • Added grailed deletion support
  • Added etsy support
  • Added facebook marketplace support
  • Added grailed support
  • Added instagram support
  • Added shopify support
Previous versions:
  • Added basic size transfer support to all marketplaces
  • Added reset password
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed poshmark image issue
  • Fixed ebay bug
  • You can now crosslist products from your likes on depop
  • Added eBay US/UK/FR/CA support
  • Added poshmark support (US/CA)
  • Better support for vinted france
  • Added bulk delete products
  • Copy listings from depop to vinted and vice versa